Monday, 27 July 2009

Vestas invested in Wind Turbine UK Market the British Government falsely promoted by not enabling it!

'Cool' is something elusive, idividual - to be observed, not copied.

There are the cool & green like Zero Carbonista and the un-green un-cool eco-knowledgeable, highly-paid, self-serving British Government.

The World Statesman Wannabee's lot, have this time been found to be falsely promoting a popular wind power alternative-energy initiative by ignoring the need for urgent enabling actions - including the fast-tracking of planning permissions for Wind Turbine Parks.

Weak government seems therefore to be in league with the selfish 'Nimby' voters. A problem these overpopulated islands do not share with the likes of Denmark and France.

So self-centred Politicians and the Nimby are seen to care little for the future of their progeny or the eco need - are they planning to sell-up and move away from Earth?

No10 & No11 are thought to have offered money to Vestas to keep open one of the largest green businesses in UK that manufactures wind turbine blades and so save some 600 jobs. Vestas we believe told them, that they did not want money as they had invested in a market that the British Government was falsely promoting by taking no action to enable it!