Friday, 24 July 2009

Surprise, today's 'Hope For The PLANET' eco-award goes to the US Military!

War driven strategic requirements to deliver alternative-energy eco-technology with commercial applications is a hope for an eco-future.

U.S. Military development of alternative-Energy Technology may save countless lives and help US Ground Troops become superbly effective in Afghanistan. . . . .

DARPA’s growing investment in alternative-energy is aimed at freeing the majority of trained troops and equipment employed in delivering fuel supplies and to make the U.S. Front Line Brigades more mobile and effective.

It will also deliver the Department of Defence the secondary benefit of a huge reduction in the cost of fuel delivered to the War Front - from some hundreds if not tens of thousands of dollars per gallon!

A lasting achievement of the conflict in Afghanistan may now be advances in alternative-energy technologies created through military projects with near impossible success criteria!

Already battle ready versions of compact, sturdy fuel cells will soon power a soldier’s mobile devices for longer and be a tenth of the weight of the 25 lb batteries used now.

The press advise that the military contractors manufacturing the fuel cells are working on commercial versions for the police and recreational vehicles.

In the drive to create a viable alternative-energy future the U.S. military’s strategic 'Blue Sky' procurement needs make them a very serious eco-player and my today's HOPE for the PLANET...

May their alternative-energy technology budget of $ 100,000,000 have another digit added, making it one billion dollars......