Saturday, 18 July 2009

I really should own up, well come out with it, well what I mean is.....‏

This is hard, how do you say it and why do it now, its not if anyone should care is it? Best to start with something different, perhaps leave it till tomorrow or another day.. Today I could just mention good stuff, like I gave up driving nearly three years ago and cycle everywhere; that I have really tried to leave the rocknroll erotic stuff alone for a little while saving it for the one I love and that I am succeeding.. So who cares if I am a Hash House Harrier, run in circles, drink beer in circles and sing rugby songs.. I might ride with the QUAFF and thecranks bashes, be setting the MTB / VTT singletrack trails for NashBash 2010 near Sherwood Forest.. this is the good stuff, Oh did I mention I am in love, yes I did and it was something I really should have told you at the start..