Saturday, 18 July 2009

A bike for rural Africa

No, this is a long wheelbase Surly Big Dummy with its choice of slip-in bolt-on raised rear carrier systems has a 180 kg maximum loaded weight and a few have taken it off-road trekking?!

Xtracycle Inc also do bolt-on long wheelbase extensions for any full size bike that take the same seperate carrier systems. As I have previously said, you can find niche markets for some interesting bicycles in North America.

Now I have a re-geared GT Mountain Bike with standard front and rear panniers, that I toured France with this June with an all up load of 160 Kg - it gets you fit!

In Africa, you simply load up and then passengers climb on. So this long wheelbase Surly Big Dummy large rear carrier would invite a sagging bang-crash-wallop of a load!

The bike frame and drive are the key factors in producing an African Cargo Bike.

Through good design, a single sized, smaller, sturdier and much lighter frame incorporating the carrier, might easily carry a 50 odd kg sack on each side with at least one passenger on top, in addition to the weight of the bike and cyclist.

But don't you just want to race a Surly Big Dummy or a Kopenhagen Bullitt across America?