Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Stressed ecoWarrior? Depressive Tree ecoWorrier? AnxietyAttacked Bee&Frog Activist? ProcessedFoodSuicide no answer! ! ! !

The fate of every living thing and our progeny is under threat, if you're stressed by the lack of real action this article can only help by helping you fight on.. (I have started working on a series of blog posts regarding the need to ban processed foods - if you can wait these articles will give you pointers on how not to commit suicide by processed food!)

As we evolved, so did a short lived stress response that might have had us ready to run away, hide or fight. Today, this biological reaction switches in because of intense, ongoing stress and can be impossible to turn off!

Our responsibilities, needs and love anchor us in a mixed array of possibilities and situations, making it impossible to avoid others whose own issues and behaviour impact on us.

Our quality and enjoyment of life is impaired and we will likely carry on accepting stressful circumstances or some form of harassment, until we suffer mental and physical ill health. So beware this can kill you or at the very least shorten your lifespan - act decisively now!

If you have experiencing some of life's traumas, then your now highly susceptable to stress. When biological change in the brain kicks-in you cannot deal with any situation without a confusion of feelings.

So day after day, we will continue to be pulled in different and varied directions, with our reactions to situations and individuals creating yet more stress.

Then we start to experience real anxiety together with that mixed bag of feelings such as inferiority, uselessness, guilt, worthlessness etc We are sliding into a deep depression. Although at times we can maddened or driven to get our own back, such that we seethe with the desire for revenge, becoming unreasonable and socially dangerous.

So, stress and the brain's functioning lack of harmony has resulted in mental illness. Now also lacking self confidence we become highly sensitive to social issues and threats - a whirlpool of vicious circles drawing you down deeper and deeper. Ongoing biological change may now leave us knocked out, ceasing to function and living in helpless dread with thoughts of suicide! To be hospitalised or put on drugs for life.

Yet, if we act early enough, self treatment techniques hold a promise of our acting normally again.

To get better we also need to distance ourselves from the causes of stress, albeit a partner, work or life's challenges. Change, that may involve taking time away, divorce, a change of direction....

Self treatment can empower an individual to challenge depression without the use of drugs. This is reliant on your growing recognition of depressive thoughts and processes.

This toolbox of strategies is called 'Cognitive Behavioural Techniques', to retrain thought processes and help the brain come back into balance.

So take early action when suffering stress, seek a medical opinion, involve a Psychotherapist and get Friend's support.

Next, begin to make real Changes to your Life Style, consider Personal Transitions, chat to Friends daily, eat a healthy nutrient rich Real Food Diet and take Exercise - all these actions will help speed your recovery....

(Stroudy's Synopsis of the Self Help Guide to Cognitive Behavioural Techniques for Depression ISBN I-84119-125-6)