Friday, 17 July 2009

God have mercy.. the Vulcan, a campaign to save the oldest pub in Cardiff has had their prayers answered with a three year extension.

Back on the first of April I mooted and reported a sound commercial and imaginative (of course) architectural engineering solution via the Brewery to the Developer.

The suggestion is and was to incorporate the Vulcan frontage into the new 20 storey building, but at least one floor up!

This would create huge visual impact! Whilst allowing the Vulcan public and service areas, plus current fittings, to be built into the building and remain the pub we love!

Everybody gains, nobody loses and Cardiff has an extraordinary architectural art piece - sorry no artists impression?

I did also contact Rachel Thomas of the campaign via facebook, who confirmed that: The Vulcan must stay where it is and that there is no reason at all why the developers can't incorporate it into their plans!

Mercy indeed, with a floating Vulcan high over the streets of Cardiff still possible - because Stroudy likes the Vulcan in Cardiff