Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Transition to Geothermal Energy from Hydrocarbon & EDF Nuclear Electricity Generation..

Future UK leadership likely to divorce themselves from No10's special relationship with EDF, perhaps by using Local Area Incentive Licensing of Geothermal Local Area Energy Generation, User Energy Storage, Designated Local Wind Parks, LED Solar Energy Street Lighting & Local Super Grid etc. and buying out existing interests if necessary.

I will develop the idea of Local Area Incentive Licensing that would promote Employment, Food Quality, Health and Transport, whilst targeting the real eco-need of a 50% reduction in our carbon footprint by 2020, through changes in the taxation and the multi-national business/banking model.

Eco-criminal business will find little value in what are to be rather imaginative proposals! So please raise queries on any specific point or area of misunderstanding, as I may fail to communicate an idea and will not have considered some specific points.

I believe in the value of these ideas and my own intuitive understanding of the scope of our problem. Yes, the aims are well understood, yet at implementation they risk being 'watered down' for political reasons, or undermined by changes wrought through the influence of special interest groups! They will also be ridiculed by porker political influences or simply those in love with the reciprocating piston engine!

So please help me detail these proposals and the success criteria fully, through debate, consideration and agreement, form the implementation plan - so making it 'our proposal' and perhaps green policy?

Our enemy is time, not just politicking foolish eco-criminal influences! So the call is COMMUNICATE & ACTION ! ! ! ! !