Monday, 10 August 2009

BP & Hydrocarbon States invest in Clean Future on a Giga $ Scale! Energy is Energy!

Oil Exploration, Production & Service Companies plus Hydrocarbon Rich States begin a speedy transition away from Oil & Gas to build a clean energy future for our World. Choosing to invest in Clean Energy rather than make further investment in Expensive Offshore Exploration & Production Facilities.

The likely huge growth of electric vehicles, geothermal energy, wind and solar power will cause a matching decline in the need for hydrocarbons and nuclear power!

So Hydrocarbon Businesses like BP and Hydrocarbon Rich States like Qatar, Libya and Algeria are actively investing in the transition to meeting the demand for clean eco-energy. They now have a leading involvement in:

1. Drilling Geothermal Wells and building GeoThermal Power Stations around the World.

2. Building more eco-friendly New Hydrocarbon Power Stations based on Hydrogen Generation plus Carbon Capture & Storage to redevelop existing Oil & Gas Fields!

3. Owning and developing Wind Energy Technology and Generation Capacity.

4. Owning and developing Mega/GigakW output Solar Technology and Generation Capacity.

4. Strategic Investment in Energy Storage Technology etc.

Perhaps a future UK government will look at Incentives and Laws to further speed geothermal energy investment and this transition, with the aim of exceeding the European eco-targets set for 2020 & 2050!